Bostik League Diversity Survey

By Ian Townsend

Attention all club officers, officials, managers, coaches and players. Please respond!

The Bostik League is carrying out a diversity survey as part of our ongoing commitment to equality. To provide us with a better understanding of the demographic we represent we would ask that everyone directly involved with any of our clubs completes this survey using the link below. This includes officers, officials, managers, coaches & players. It’s extremely straightforward, very short, and the more people who complete it the better equipped we will be to make equality-based decisions. Click below:

Bostik League Equality Survey

This survey is anonymous, and is set up so that it can be easily shared. It will allow multiple people to complete it one after the other at meetings on the same tablet, for example- and it can also be shared via email, text, Whatsapp group etc. We’d be grateful if managers and club officials could ensure it reaches as many members of our target audience as possible. You can also print it out and send completed copies to the League Office for the attention of Hanna Newton if you’re not altogether keen on technology!

All members of staff and the board will be completing the same survey; the first two questions are simply so we can see which clubs are responding and what the roles are within the clubs as we have response targets to reach in specific areas. You may feel that some information (an example would be gender if you are the only woman in your club) would be too specific if it makes you immediately identifiable, in which case please feel free to use the 'prefer not to say' option in the relevant questions if this would make you feel more comfortable.

Please contact Hanna Newton, Director responsible for Equality and Diversity, if you have any queries or concerns or would like any more information on equality in general. Hanna's email address is below:

Click here to email Hanna Newton

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