FC Romania announce sponsorship worth three quarters of a million pounds

Wolves new sponsor Stefan ensures they can keep the wolves from the door!

FC Romania have been in touch to announce that they have signed a sponsorship deal with civil engineering company SF Stefan which will be worth a rather incredible £750,000 across the next five seasons. It is an astonishing reversal of fortune for the club, who just one week ago had confirmed they were experiencing serious difficulties because of the impact of Covid 19 which had resulted in a complete loss of income and sponsorship.

Local businessman and entrepreneur Stefan Voloseniuc saw the social media announcement by the club's owner and manager Ionuţ Vintilă last Thursday, and immediately called him to see if he could help.

‘Like many Romanians in the UK I was aware of the club and knew that it would be dreadful for the team and their local players and supporters if they had been forced to close because of a situation that is completely out of their control,' Stefan explained.

'When I spoke with Ionuţ I was deeply impressed to hear how he has dedicated his life to FC Romania and providing a chance for so many Romanians and others to play football at a very competitive level in England. I managed to convince him not to give up on his amazing club, and I look forward to our company working with him and his team to help take his brilliant project forward.

I am enormously happy that by sponsoring FC Romania for the next five seasons we are able to put something back into the Romanian community especially as SF Stefan was founded and grew out of the North London area where so many of the Romanian diaspora now live.’

Ionuţ Vintilă, who founded the team in 2006 and has been their manager for the past 14 seasons, expressed his astonishment that the future of his club has been secured in such a short space of time.

‘This is better than anything I could have possibly imagined. It was a heartbreaking position to be in after all we have achieved during the past 14 years but a few days after I spoke with Stefan last Thursday the deal was concluded.

I really feel that God has brought us the right man at the right time to support our club and our great community. Stefan is one of the best Romanians that I have met since I came to the UK and I feel blessed that we both share a love and dedication for our community and I’m confident that with having SF Stefan as our sponsors we will build together a great club.'

The team was originally made up mainly of Romanian immigrants who had moved to the UK and wanted to play Sunday League football but as the club have developed and moved up the leagues they now have a much wider pool of players and supporters. Last season, their second at our level, ended with them in nineteenth place in the South Central Division.

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