Pitching In Isthmian Supporters Predictions 2020-21: Chalfont St Peter

We're ending our prediction season with a trip to visit the Saints. Halo is optional- although obviously Matthew Hutchinson has one!

We asked supporters of our Isthmian League clubs to preview the new season, reflect on the old and predict the final outcome. Their predicted 1-20 (or 22) will be worked into a final table which you will see just before the big kick off.

We’re back in the Pitching In South Central Division, where we visit Chalfont St Peter in the ecclesiastical company of Matthew Hutchinson.

1. How do you feel about the return of football?
Delighted football is back after a long 6 months away. It will feel very different with the extra precautions but I think all the fans in the local area are excited for a new season and a new challenge.

2. The world has changed enormously since you were last able to watch a live football match. Will the pandemic change your approach to watching the game- will you attend as many matches as you used to, and spend as much time at the ground/in the clubhouse, etc?

I think I still will attend as many matches as usual and try to support the club as much as possible, following the difficult time all clubs around the country have had with the lack of finance.

3. Last season had many exciting moments before its premature end. What was your favourite moment?

The 5-1 win against Hertford Town back in September, in which Dan Williams grabbed a 29 minute hat trick.

4. And what was your worst moment?

Our 6-1 loss to Staines Town. It was an embarrassing performance- this was their first win of the season, in November, and they only went on to get 14 points in the season.

A catastrophic game from the players.

5. How will you do this season?

I feel that following a strong pre season we will have a good start to the season and then finish in the bottom of the top half.

6. Which matches are you most looking forward to going to- and why?

Uxbridge as they are our biggest rivals, also Ashford Town as the fans are always so welcoming there- and also Marlow as they are also rivals of ours.

7. What is your favourite away ground?

Bracknell Town as they have such a great fanbase with a large following home and away, the facilities are great there also.

8. Who do you consider your biggest rivals- and why?

Uxbridge due to the distance between us two teams.

9. What advice would you give to any away supporter visiting you for the first time?

I would suggest you always say hello to the chairman Denis Mair, as he is one of the kindest and most welcoming people you will ever meet, he’ll make you feel at home.

10. Who is your favourite player of all time (for your club)- and why?

Alan Hedley due to his commitment to the club over the past 10 years before last season- and a close second is Carl Dennison.

11. Who will be in the top five at the end of the season?

Hanwell Town, Bracknell Town, Ware, Marlow, Westfield

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