Pitching In Isthmian Supporters Predictions 2020-21: Harlow Town

It's time to shout "Hey Arnold," as Ross gives us a tour of Harlow Town

We asked supporters of our Isthmian League clubs to preview the new season, reflect on the old and predict the final outcome. Their predicted 1-20 (or 22) will be worked into a final table which you will see just before the big kick off.

We’re back in the Pitching In South Central, where we visit Harlow Town courtesy of Ross Arnold.

1. How do you feel about the return of football?
Absolutely buzzing. Having been at work all through the lockdown but not being able to do any of the fun stuff, it's nice to have football back and see some faces that I only see at the games.

2. The world has changed enormously since you were last able to watch a live football match. Will the pandemic change your approach to watching the game- will you attend as many matches as you used to, and spend as much time at the ground/in the clubhouse, etc?

The main concern for me is away games. My group tend to head to pubs in the local area beforehand, but different venues will have various rules, so I worry if it might dampen the experience. We usually get to the ground about ten minutes before kick off, so that isn't a huge concern.

3. Last season had many exciting moments before its premature end. What was your favourite moment?

Exciting moments were few and far between for Harlow! Hertford away was a great day though. It was our biggest away crowd for a long time and a local fixture meant we were able to experience the pubs and bars before and after the game!

4. And what was your worst moment?

It wasn't necessarily a single moment, but just the fact of being in a lower quality division and being rooted in mid table was fairly miserable. It never really felt like we were playing for anything. I think in a strange way it's better to be in a relegation battle than be in mid table as at least you have something to get up for.

5. How will you do this season?

The team has looked very promising so far in the friendlies and the FA Cup, so I hope that we will be amongst the play off contenders come the end of the season.

6. Which matches are you most looking forward to going to- and why?

The likes of the aforementioned Hertford, Ware and Romania (Cheshunt) have their appeal, mostly because we should take more people and create a bit of an away day atmosphere. Tooting and Mitcham is the other as I love the big terraces there. The last time we played there we ended up standing with and cheering on Tooting because they needed to win to stay up and we were safe. Hopefully they remember that!

7. What is your favourite away ground?

Certainly none of the ones in this division that's for sure! Ours is the best by a country mile. I'd have to go with Sudbury's. Great facilities and lovely people. Think we have them in the Trophy actually.

8. Who do you consider your biggest rivals- and why?

Stortford is often mentioned but I don't think they really care too much. I'd be more inclined to say someone like Brightlingsea or Phoenix Sports.

9. What advice would you give to any away supporter visiting you for the first time?

Make sure you buy a programme... I write in it every so often. Also sample standing in the terrace - a great view of the game.

10. Who is your favourite player of all time (for your club)- and why?

Has to be Craig Pope. Death or glory sort of player, on and off the field.

11. Who will be in the top five at the end of the season?

Bracknell Town, Ware, Harlow Town, Hanwell Town, Tooting & Mitcham United

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