Rock and Curly

Location Football head to a new location- sunny Bognor by the sea- and visit our very own Rocks

When not busy with Soccer AM, James Kirtland likes to wander around the football world visiting stadiums for his 'Location Football' You Tube Channel, like a footballing Kirsty Allsopp without the floral patterns. He and his team took a trip to Nyewood Lane, home of our very own Pitching In Isthmian Premier Division Bognor Regis Town- and did rather a lot of running about. The video stars Rocky Bear, and we're worried that if this level of exposure continues he'll be demanding his own winnebago and that someone picks all the red ones out of his pre-match bowl of smarties.

It also brings you proof that Supporters Club Chair Ian Guppy doesn't spend his entire life wearing white clothing whilst waving a big stick, despite what his social media posts might suggest, whilst debunking the idea that Ian is really Rocky Bear. Come to think of it, has anyone ever seen Rocks Radio's Lee Roberts and Rocky in the same place...

Anyway, it's all thoroughly entertaining, and you can watch it all below:

If you'd like James to visit your club, please get in touch via social media- here.

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