Romford fans turn to fundraising to help their club

By Ian Townsend

Long-suffering Boro fans are making good progress towards their target

Following the announcement last week that Romford's owner Glenn Tamplin had left the club, supporters have been digging into their own pockets to help with costs. So far almost three hundred and fifty pounds of their five hundred pound target has been raised.

They explain:

'In light of the announcement regarding the ownership of the club, the fans of Romford FC thought it would be nice to raise a few pounds to pass to the club chairman Steve Gardener. With non-league football in a state of flux and no money coming in to cover fixed costs of ground rent etc, a little donation would probably come at a good time. Please donate a few pounds to support the BORO.'

Romford fans- or anyone else who would like to help- can donate by heading HERE.

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